Census Responses Needed

If you have not responded to the 2020 Census, please take a few minutes now to do so. Your response to the census affects the government aids (school aids, transportation aids, general shared revenues, etc.) received, not only at the local level, but at the state level, too!

At the first reporting on April 6th, Walworth County was leading the nation in responses returned and the Town of Spring Prairie was fifth in the nation in returned responses. As of today, Monday, May 4th, Wisconsin has dropped to 41st in the nation, Walworth County has dropped to 45th in the state and the Town of Spring Prairie has dropped to 415th in the state in response returns. Tracking it on the national level was just too daunting to chase down!

Here in Spring Prairie we pride ourselves on being over-achievers…we turn out better for elections, we pay our taxes faster, more of our students graduate from high school than our surrounding communities…let’s get that same theme going with responses to the 2020 Census. We can do this! By this time you’ve no doubt received at least your 3rd reminder…dig it out and respond, either via the internet, which takes less than 5 minutes, or by mail. We’ll all be glad we did!