Chairman’s Update March 19, 2020


As of this writing, there is an election scheduled for April 7. This will be a presidential primary as well as final elections for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Walworth County Supervisor, and local school boards. The Town Hall has been receiving a number of inquiries regarding precautions being taken to prevent the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus. Our current plan is to give each voter a pen when they present their ID to vote. This pen will be used to sign the poll book and mark the ballot and can then be taken with the voter.

We will regularly sanitize the voting booths, door handles, restrooms and all flat surfaces in the voting area.

There is the possibility that Governor Evers will postpone the election for a period of time, however, that would be problematic since the State and County terms of office expire in April and newly-elected officers need to be sworn into office in a timely manner in order to provide a seamless transition. A further possibility might be if the Governor decreed all voting to be by means of absentee ballots. If either of these scenarios come to pass, we’ll advise you as soon as possible.

I personally find it heartening to see so many residents taking an interest in Town government by attending the Planning Commission meetings and Town Board meetings. At the present time, I don’t intend to suspend either of the next two meetings because town business still has to go on. In the interim, I would strongly urge you to not attend either meeting unless you have a vested interest in the subjects being considered, at least until this current health issue abates.

As the whole Covid-19 virus continues to spread throughout the state, we should all refrain from unnecessary assemblies, if at all possible. If any important business or decisions are made, we will advise you by means of these updates and by posting minutes on the Town website in order to keep you informed.

For now, stay healthy, wash your hands often, avoid crowds and try to enjoy Spring.