Updated Chairman’s Message

There was a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on December 19, but the issue of the proposed gravel pit was not be on the agenda. For several reasons, chiefly a request by Walworth County for more details on a number of key points in Asphalt Contractors proposal, the soonest they will be ready to propose to the Town would be at the February meeting. While most of us in Spring Prairie would like to see this issue brought before the P&Z and then the Town Board, we cannot force them to present to us. It is in everyone’s best interests that they satisfy the County before presenting to us. So, for now, let’s all just be patient and hope we can resolve this issue early in 2020.

Winter weather is certainly upon us and even though it is not officially winter, we’ve had several occasions already to plow our Town roads. As always, Curt Fredrich and his crew have been doing an admirable job in keeping our roads clear. He advises us that, for now at least, we have access to adequate amounts of salt to see us through the season. Even though Walworth County has converted to using brine in addition to salt to melt snow and ice, we will continue to use salt for now. To convert to brine would be a major investment in equipment we are not prepared to make at this time.

Speaking of clearing roads, Walworth County has been talking about reducing their road clearing efforts this winter in an effort to cut costs. While they have not finalized that plan as yet, if they do so, it would have an impact on some of the roads in our town. The County maintains highways 120 and 11 for the State as well as County Roads D and DD. If you notice winter issues with these four highways, contact the County’s Public Works Department at 262-741-3114, not Spring Prairie.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday seasons and a safe and prosperous new year and that 2020 is a better year for the many farmers in the area who have had to deal with several years of diminished yields.