Chairman’s Message


The Town was informed by Asphalt Contractors, Inc. on January 2 that they have successfully answered the various queries from Walworth County regarding the proposed gravel pit and were ready to present to the Spring Prairie Planning Commission at their January 16 meeting. The meeting will commence at 6:30 PM to allow additional time. Following a presentation by Asphalt Contractors to the Planning Commission, an open hearing will be held wherein concerned residents may ask questions of the presenters and offer comments and concerns. Because we anticipate a large resident turnout, certain rules will be strictly enforced during the open hearing. Any resident wishing to speak will be allowed to do so one time only and for a maximum of two minutes, so I strongly suggest they organize their thoughts in advance and be as concise and factual as possible. Speakers will need to say their names and give their place of residence. Additionally, so all attendees can hear what is being said, each speaker will be required to speak into a handheld microphone.

Following the open hearing, the Planning Commission will ask questions of Asphalt Contractors and address any issues the members consider pertinent. During this phase, no residents will be allowed to speak. At the conclusion of the Planning Commission’s questioning, it will either vote on the issue or, if more information is required, table it for a future meeting.

While this has been a somewhat emotional and contentious issue with some residents, I sincerely ask all concerned parties to keep their emotions in check and be rational, courteous and respectful.

At the monthly Board meeting on January 13, the Town Board will be discussing the draft of a proposed Non-metallic Mining Ordinance that would serve to regulate future applications for gravel and sand pits in Spring Prairie. Legislation cannot be retroactive so this proposed ordinance will not apply to the current gravel pit application or any existing operating pits. This proposed ordinance must appear on two (2) meeting agendas before it can be acted upon.

The proposed ordinance for the Planning Commission redefines the role of the commission as it currently exists.