Clean Up & Road Repairs Update

Repairs continue for road washouts damaged by the heavy rains and flooding. Some areas, including Hargraves Road, are beyond the capabilities of our crew and equipment and Siegler Excavating and Clark Excavating have viewed several areas and will be getting repair plans, costs estimates, and estimated repair times to the town in the next few days. As much as we’d like to have everything fixed and back in ship-shape quickly, our crew, neighboring town crews, and local contractors are being stretched to their limits by the large amount of work to be done. We ask for your patience and understanding. We realize some folks have experienced extreme conditions and hardships and we are doing our absolute best to get everything back in order as quickly as possible.

If there are washouts or damage to culverts, pavement or road shoulders near your home or property and you haven’t seen one of our crews, please contact the Town Hall at 262-642-7477 and leave a message, or email the Town at with the approximate location or nearest house number.

If you have damage to your possessions, home or property, please report it to Walworth County by dialing 211. This will aid the county in compiling accurate reports for both the State and FEMA. Since the Town does not have curbside trash pickup, each resident is on their own to properly dispose of any items that have been damaged or destroyed. We thank you for your cooperation!